Without Trace

Out of Print

(out of print) Was Heidi Charles the second victim of a homegrown serial killer in Rotorua on New Years Eve 1976? Did notorious career criminal Ronald Jorgensen die in a car crash in 1983 or did he fake his own death? What led police to suspect that Judith Yorke’s,disappearance from a party in 1992 was a murder case? Where is Sara Niethe, Kaihere mother of three, who left the home of a friend early one morning in 2003 and has not been seen since?

Sixteen of New Zealand’s most baffling unsolved missing person cases spanning five decades are profiled in Without Trace. Scott Bainbridge explores the theories, official investigations, sightings and unanswered questions that continue to frustrate police and family. In many of these cases, foul play in suspected- in others the investigators are simply unable to account for the individuals or solve the mystery behind their disappearances.

Without Trace was released in 2005 to critical acclaim, arousing public interest in cold cases, and resulting in several high profile cases being officially re-opened. Without Trace quickly sold out of its first print-run, and was the inspiration of the TVNZ series, The Missing, in which Bainbridge served as researcher and on-screen investigator.